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RE: Fender Bender advice.

Sorry to hear about it, but you're probably SOL. A few years back
somebody cut in behind me from my right going into the parking space on
my left while I was backing up. Although he did something completely and
utterly stupid, while not illegal, my insurance company told me I was at
fault. The reason (I'm paraphrasing here): If you're in reverse, you
have no rights. It's like rear ending another car - you're at fault.

YMMV by state and insurance company.
- peter
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>Hi all,
>   There I was in the shopping plaza parking lot. It's dark and the sky is
>spitting mixed rain and snow. I put her into Reverse and back out, only to
>the worst sound imaginable.. a metallic CRUNCH!
>   Any ideas? Granted, I did hit a parked car. However it was an illegally
>parked car that was invisible to my eyes. This is the first accident I've
>had, so I'm a little inexperienced in this department. I feel responsible,
>I think that she should shoulder some of the responsibility as well. 
>                               -Osman Parvez
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