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Re: Speeding?

Lazer guns are harder to defeat that microwave guns, however there are a 
few arguments:

- Laser gun works in the infared region - that means that if he was 
shooting through any kind of glass like windshield or window, his reading 
is no good.  

- If he was to the side of the rode, due to the geometry of the 
situation, his reading has to be off and that makes it inaccurate. 

- The sight has to be calibrated to the distance that he is shooting you 
from, like on a riffle with an optical sight.

- If the sun was out and was anywhere close to being behind you or to the 
side of you, his reading was screwed up by the interference from the sun.

- The gun has to be calibrated properly.

You can't argue dispersion of the beam unless you've been hit at 
deistance of 1 kilometer away or greater. You can't argue the double 
refletion or EM shadow either since the beam does not disperse that much.

Hope that this helps.

Good luck!


> Hey guys,
> 	Here's the story, last year (in the fall) I got a speeding ticket doing
> 96 in a 60 (kph), it was in the city during rush hour traffic on a small
> bridge in Winnipeg, MB.  I believe I wasnt going this fast.  Problem is
> that I was caught with a laser gun. (They tell me these things dont
> lie.) I know I was speeding, but not that much, especially at 4:30 in
> the afternoon. It's too late to get my speedometer checked. I dont know
> what else to do. Is there any way to disprove a laser gun??? Could it
> have been a mistake? (His car was stationary, off to the side.)
> 	Help, please, I go to court next week.
> Raj AUDIocee.