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Re: Spark plug wire prices?

>>and good low resistance wire cores.   Even if you buy a few extra to come up 
>>with a set that's the right lengths, it would still be cheaper, and 
>>you'd have better performance too.  'Course, they don't say "Audi" or 
>>"VW" on them, but that doesn't bother me.

>>Graydon D. Stuckey
>I didn't buy them for the name. I "had" to buy them because Audi requires
>special connectors on the ends. "Ordinary" speed-shop Accels or such just
>won't fit, unfortunately....

Hi Jeff, Graydon et al,

	Please don't flame me too hotly; I don't have my Bentley handy. But, if
memory serves, Audi recommends a plug wire with an internal impedence of 1K
ohm. I believe the rotor also has an internal impedence. I have no idea if
anything drastic happens if you don't follow these specs...but in my ol'
juggernaut('72 Mercury Montego 351W) I installed some nonresistor plugs one
time trying to improve its fuel economy and the thing "pinged" like hell until
I threw some resistor plugs in it(only a few miles). You don't want to have
your knock sensor constantly retarding your timing. JTH:-)

						Happy motoring,


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