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Re: VIN numbers on the windows of UrQ

>      I was checking out a rather tired early '80s white UrQ
>      in my parking garage today. What struck me as odd was the
>      VIN numbers were etched (scratched) into the door windows
>      and rear window along the base. Are these windows so rare that
>      the owner was afraid of theft? What is the deal, was this OEM? 

... no it was not OEM.  New cars do have unique codes in the glass and
the body panels have a tag IDing them.  I remember that there was a 
company that offered a service to etch some identifying number into 
the window glass.  This was not because the windows were so valuable 
per se ... it simply reduced the desirability of the car for thieves.
If someone wanted the whole car they would have to consider replacing 
all of the windows ... and if they were looking to chop it up for parts
the windows would be useless to them.  

Steve Buchholz