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Re: Bosch DRL's


Thanks for the info on the Bosch DRL's.  Yours is the only response I
got.  I have a few more questions.

> Yup. I have them on my 4kq along with 9007 bulbs and relays. I'm
> running 100 W H3 ($4 at Wal-Mart for GE or some "Macho off-road"
> brand) and 45/65 9007. Euro/etc. notwithstanding, my lights are quite
> adequate, until I step to euro. If you swap to 9007, you can aim the
> regular "reflectors" down quite a bit. This gives you a nice low-beam
> pattern, with cutoff set to ~80 feet. The "high" 9007 then gives you
> medium-range lumens, and the 100 W pencil gives _long_ range. I'd
> challenge anyone to beat my pattern and driveability for $60 ($50
> lights with $10 rebate, $20 for relays, fuses, etc.).

I'm currently running 55/100w 9004 bulbs in the US OEM headlights of
my 1987 5KCSTQ. (two lite HI/LOW setup)  I believe the 4KQ has four
headlights, right?The Bosch DRL's aren't HI/LOW are they?  There
appears to be only the single 55w bulbs in the package and a single
toggle switch.

> Yes. They're glass coated rather than chromed, and look like new
> inside and outside even after three months of salt-torture. If you
> have a 4kq, I have more info on a spiffy mounting setup.

I have two brackets under the front bumper that look like they will 
fit the Bosch lites ok.  Apparently a previous owner took whatever 
lites he had mounted off when he sold the car.

'87 5KCSTQ 120k miles
Kurt Wesseling
Technical Support Center
The Education Network of Maine