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Re: 5K Quattro Owner Question...

you need to drop the skid pan on the fuel tank.   the filler plug is on 
the right hand front side of the diff.


> > Quattrophiles :
> On the 5 K Quattro 87 and 88 models....on the rear diff if you replace the
> fluid/lubrication from the factory with Redline or Mobil 1...how does one get
> the fluid into the rear diff....I have done the tranny and I can find the
> drain for the rear but I am afraid to drain the rear diff until you guys let
> me know how it is done........do I have to lower the rear drive ? I just
> don't know how I am going to fill it once it is drained......
> TIA,
> RC
> 90 90
> 88 5KCSTQ
> rob carselle - columbus, oh