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Re: 96 A4Q Remote locking accessory kit?

You can get remote locking installed by the dealer.  It is possible to
even buy a new 97 A4, not pay for the sunroof, and then get remote locking
installed as a dealer added option.  Not quite sure why Audi decided to
package the sunroof and remote locking together.

On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, Curtis Foon wrote:

> I have a 96 A4 Quattro with everything except the remote locking.
> When I bought the car last  April, the one I ordered didn't have remote 
> locking when it came in.  Instead of waiting another 3 months for the 
> next shipment,  I bought the car thinking that I could have it installed
> at a later date. Has anybody heard about dealers installing the remote 
> locking or is it only available from the factory?
> I looked at the 97s and was envious of the digital display that shows 
> mpg, miles to dest., etc.
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