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Re[2]: Is Clair cool?

     If you really have to resort to buying from a dealer in the 
     metropolitan Boston area, then opt for Bernadi Audi/VW/Honda on Route 
     9 instead (junction of Speen Street in Natick);  they will match any 
     other dealers' specials or, if you are really aggressive, they will 
     even "match" any reasonable "quotes" (so be creative).  Other 
     benefits:  large inventory; will deliver; will order +or- 3 days;  
     will entertain volume discounts (e.g. 10 Audi oil filters for about 
     $4.50 each); best of all, opens half days on Saturdays!

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Subject: Re: Is Clair cool?
Author:  shields@tembel.org (Michael Shields) at Internet
Date:    2/4/97 4:33 AM

> Awhile back I remember some folks talking about some less than pleasant
> experiences they had had recently with Clair. Any updates people? Can I go 
> ahead and order some general parts from them and come out o.k., or should I 
> try another source?
Well, let's see.  I ordered some parts from them and they forgot about it 
until a week and a half later when I called, but then they Fedexed it. 
They sent me a four-color newsletter with a lot of copy about the
new Porsche Boxter, which looks strikingly like the Porsche Boxster 
everyone else has.  The ISV was one-third the cost of every other source, 
and it works just fine.  The newsletter talks about how great the '95 
Chardonnays are, and gives a pesto recipe.  They actually answer their 
email, if not too quickly.
I dunno.  Maybe they're not really set up to handle mail order yet.  But 
they did save me $100 on that ISV and they were competitive on the other 
parts (small things, strut bearings and such).