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5kQ: Tranny code AGD

I was wondering if any of you out there know the real gear/FD ratios in 
the AGD code 016 5-speed MT.  The Bentley has the ratios, but they are
similar to those of the AES and both are called out for a FDR of 3.889
I had heard that the tranny in the non-turbo quattros actually had a 
4.11 FDR, and I'm betting that the AGD is the tranny for the 5kQ.  The 
build sticker on the '87 calls for an AES, but it has an AGD, and as I 
reported yesterday I cannot lock the center diff on this car without 
having the driveline bind up on me.  The 5kCSQ fiche does not even men-
tion any transmission option other than AES.  I'm thinking that someone 
swapped the tranny and was unaware of the different FDR.  

Assuming that this is the case I have a couple of questions.  What would 
the difference in FDR between front and rear diffs do WRT torque split?
This change will also mean that there will always be rotation of the 
gears in the center diff.  The center diff was meant for an FWD car, 
which often has to deal with differences in the track length between 
the front wheels ... so I'm thinking that the differences in FDR really 
shouldn't affect the life of the center diff.  Any thought or experiences?
As compared with the '88 wagon this car is a blast.  I was thinking that 
this was due to the fact that the boost seems to go to 1.3 regularly, and
1.4 is fairly common.  The wagon would strain for 1.3 ... that is before 
the QLCC ... ;-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)