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RE: Re[2]: 91' 200QT for sale, maybe?

You're right about the size and power of the A4.

If you drove a 2.8, you may have found (like me) that the engine is
wonderfully smooth and quite capable, but just not up to the I-5 20v
turbo in power and delivery. However, the other engine you mention is
the new 4-cyl 1.8 20v turbo which puts out 150hp/150ft lb stock, but can
relatively easily be upgraded to at least 200hp and with effort (and
huge $$$) can go well over 300hp. It's currently not available in a
5-sp, but will be this spring sometime.

Oh, and don't get me wrong about the A8: I'd take one if I could have a
stick or Tiptronic, but that's not going to happen (and not at $65,000
either). BTW, there's somebody advertising Tiptronic conversions for A8s
in AutoWeek.
- peter
  peterhe@microsoft.com - http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/1001
  91 200qw
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  issaquah, wa, usa

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> Subject:	Re[2]: 91' 200QT for sale, maybe?
>      Hello Graydon,
>      Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I'm interested in the tail
> light 
>      panel if it is not cracked. If I sell, I'm thinking of asking 17K
> but 
>      I'm willing to negotiate - the car is in immaculate shape though
> it 
>      has quite a few miles (100K). Interested?
>      I drove the A4 and found it qiock, sporty and tight, but it was
> much 
>      too small and compared to my 217 hp, much too slow. I hear there
> is a 
>      new turbo engine for the A4 but it is not available in stick - Is
> this 
>      true? Was the A8 amply powered?
>      Jason Hutchinson
>      91' 200 QT
>      86' 4KcsQ
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> Subject: Re: 91' 200QT for sale, maybe?
> Author:  MIME:graydon@apollo.gmi.edu at INTERNET
> Date:    2/4/97 11:45 AM
> On Tue, 4 Feb 1997 jason@tgl.com wrote:
> >      I'm new to the list and have enjoyed reading the archived
> lists. I 
> >      currently own a 91' 200 quattro 20V Turbo, which I like very
> much, 
> >      however, newer quattros have been catching my eye, and I'm
> thinking 
> >      about selling - Am I crazy? Can't afford to keep both. Anyone
> drive 
> >      the A8 yet? Also looking for rear tail light lens (fits accross
> entire 
> >      trunk hatch and includes the license plate area) compatable to
> this 
> >      car-Audi Dealer wants $350 for a new one. 
> Jason,
> No, you're not crazy for wanting to sell.   I also really like the new
> A4 
> and A8.   I have driven both.   I drove a couple A8s a couple years
> ago 
> here in Michigan.   VERY impressive cars.   The A4 is like a baby A8 -
> very impressive, but a little sportier.   How much for your 200?
> You should be able to find a good centre tailight panel without
> spending 
> ridiculous amounts of money.   I think I know of one currently on a
> '91 
> 200 TQ in the local wrecking yard.   I can check it out if you want.
> Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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