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My '97 A4Q also has factory remote locks.  The blinkers only flash when
locking the doors (and arming the factory-alarm), and the locks do indeed
take several seconds to unlock.  Even odder, they unlock over a two-second
period or so.  It's almost as if they're hydraulic or vacuum based rather
than electric!

This does not bother me at all.  I mention it only because Jet's dealer is
correct, at least for the '97.  (BTW, I believe the '97 fob looks completely
different from the '96 fob too.)

>JET writes:
>> I bought my A4 without factory installed remote locks too.  The dealer
>> had the local stereo/car alarm place put them in for $100,
>> ...
>> although there is about a 4-5 second delay between pushing the button
>> and the car unlocking.  The installers said this was normal for this
>> car.  I think I have read that same thing here on the q-list.  How do
>> the factory locks perform?
>On my 96 A4q with the factory remote lock, the doors lock/unlock
>immediately upon pressing the appropriate button on the key fob.
>The blinkers and side marker light blink twice when unlocking,
>once when locking.  The alarm horn also does the familiar "toot"
>when locking.