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'83 4000s for <$200

For anyone who might be interested in a beater (I apologize to the Audi
gods for the apparent blasphemy) or a parts car, I know someone who is
willing to sell theirs.  I would buy the thing myself, but I don't even
have enough time for my own car let alone another toy.  From what I
understand, this one runs well, though it does need a good amount of TLC.

It needs (take a breath):

Right front wheel
Right front wheel bearing
Right front wheel who knows what else (I think he hit a major pothole. 
Not too uncommon in the good ol' commonwealth of PA)
Brake pads & rotors (the whole way 'round probobly)
Could probobly  use a new suspension as well
Little misc. bits o' trim
I think the windshield may be cracked
More than likely I am forgetting other stuff too.

If you would be interested, or want to find out more, go ahead and e-mail
me directly so as not to clog up the goings-on here with such triviality.
 I can get you names and numbers and all sorts of other interesting

JP Mahala (jpmahala@juno.com)
'91 very jealous of me and with cars Coupe Quattro