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Re: Battery off/on reset for A4 - Remote problems

At 02:03 PM 2/5/97 EST, you wrote:
>Now this is even MORE interesting.  George doesn't say why
>he needs to keep resetting his remote ...

I have spoken with Audi mechanics extensively about this.  To my 
knowledge, there are two reasons why the system needs resetting.
First, if the remote is not used for a long period of time, the
system will shut off.  2 to 4 weeks will do it.  Using the key, 
usually will reset it.  The second, if a high amount of EMI is being
generated near the car, the system will shut off.  Lawn mowers, 
snow blowers and large contruction trucks have done this to me a few
times.  In this case, using the key will not work.  I have do resort to a
retraining procedure.

The dealer also mentioned that replacing the unit or remotes will not help.
Other local Boston dealers have discovered this also.  I don't
remember why Audi stopped using IR remotes...

George Economou
96 A4Q
86 4KS