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Re: A4 remote locks

George Economou writes:

>Be careful with the trunk lock.  I found out the hard way that it is 
>easy to lock yourself out when playing with the trunk.  It happened to
>me one day while the A4 was running.  I stepped out to get something 
>out of the trunk. By the time I got back to the driver's door, I was 
>locked out.  According  the dealer, this can happen.  I can't 
>characterize the entire event in detail, but I have been able to 
>duplicate it once or twice.  Good luck.  Any similar experiences?

Well, not in the A4, but my Dad and I have locked ourselves out of our

My father got out of his car, pulled on the trunk release switch, then
closed and locked the door.  He went to the trunk, put his keys in it
to grab a package, then proceeded to close the trunk (dooooh!!!).
Had to use a coat hanger to open the driver's side door and get into
the trunk.  Car wasn't running.

I locked myself out with the car running, though.  I needed to load some
items into the car, so I opened the passenger side door.  Since it was hot,
I started the car from the passenger side, to run the A/C.  After I finished
loading the items into the back seat, I closed the passenger side door,
first locking it.  I did not realize my mistake until midway through the 
closing arc of the door.  Of course, due to Murphy's law, I was too late to 
stop the door from closing.  So, the car was idling its happy little heart 
out, while my heart had just dropped into my left foot.  :(  Fortunately, I 
had opened the sunroof after starting the car (thank God heat rises!).  I 
was able to remove it and lean through it to get to the door lock.

Never been locked out, since.  :)

'85 Coupe GT
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