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UrQ Lighting

I am faced with a choice between H4/H1 euro lights and the
single bulb H4 Euro light to replace the quad Sylvania set-up
that came stock on my '83 UrQ. I don't want to go with the
H4/H1 "Sylvania style" replacement lights as looks are part
of the reason for the change. If I go with the H4 lights what
bulb should I get? Is the H4/H1 combo worth the extra
$300US? Plus there is the expense of having to modify my
1983 style grille and light mounting hardware to the '85 and
newer style to accept the H4/H1 combo. Any thoughts out
there? I know that in December the H4/H1, H3/H4 thread was
beaten to death for the 200 owners. Now for the 4000

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.