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A4 2.8 drivetrain bounce

I have test driven the A4Q 2.8 stick.  It seems to me that when
engaging 2nd gear, I get a noticeable hesitation or thump.  Reading
C&D and a German magazine, they have both made comments about the 
drivetrain bounce.  Is this what I am experiencing?  I would like to 
know if the 1.8t stick has the same characteristic and would like 
feedback from anyone who has either the 2.8 or 1.8t stick.  The 2/97 
issue of C&D says that the 1.8t doesn't have the drivetrain bounce 
found in the 2.8.

BTW, up in Canada, my dealer says that my 1.8t stick won't be in until
June at the earliest.  I put my order in mid January.  At that time, he
said that the first production of the 1.8t stick won't come on line
until end of Feb and that my car won't see the production line until 
sometime near the end of March!