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V8 Brakes

I bought my '91 last June (and July-- had to wait weeks for the Canadian
parts guys to ship timing belt rollers).  Had original brakes F/R, and
the fronts were so bad the LF wheel bearing started howling shortly
after I bought the car.  When I called around, NOBODY had had any of the
AoA kits for years.  A dedicated parts guy can figure it out from the
TSB, but it seems like it was over $2K to piece it together.  New wheel
bearing housings are just the beginning.  You might not need the tie
rods, though.  The new inner ends were ~4mm shorter.

I've heard Eric Fletcher has a kit that works w/ the original spindles. 
I put on the S6 brakes, from Hoppen.  Even more expensive than rolling
your own from the dealer-- includes spindles, etc., and you must go to
16" wheels.  The big brakes are nice on the street, still messing w/ the
suspension before taking it to the track, but that's another story...

--Dave Weiss
    '86 4000 CS UnQ (sold to a friend who still talks to me)
    '89 200Q (gave its life for mine last year)
    '91 V8 5-spd
    '93 90 CS UnQ (wife's car)