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["Commemorative Design" Coupe GT

Part 5:  The Commemorative Design Coupe GT

On April 30, 1986
I received an art print of the 1986 Commemorative Design 5000CS Sedan.
I guess I was on their mailing list, since we bought a new 1985 5000S
the year before.  I've got the print framed and it hung for many years
in my office, now its at home.  If I had test driven a new Audi, I would
have received 3 additional art prints of the other cars in the
Commemorative series.  Here's the schedule of the installments that make
up the brochure describing the 1986 Commemorative Design:

 Day 1  "A Celebration in Engineering and Innovation"
 Day 2  The Commemorative Design 5000CS Sedan
 Day 3  The Commemorative Design 4000CS Sedan
 Day 4  The Commemorative Design 4000CS Quattro 
 Day 5  The Commemorative Design Coupe GT       < = Today's Feature

The Commemorative Design Coupe GT
The Coupe GT has always been something special for that special kind of 
driver. A sports car for those needing more than the proverbial 
"two-plus-two".  A touring car for those preferrig an enhanced
with a road.

Now it's a front-wheel-drive, five-cylinder sports machine dressed for 
nights on the town as well as days on the autobahn.  Suited in red
upholstery with Graphite trim inside.  Alerting and informing pilot and
with sophisticated electronic LCD instrumentation.  Cloaked in your
of Graphite Metallic (extra cost) or Alpine White paint.  Offering
exterior trim and more.

That's the Commemorative Design Coupe GT.  A very special edition of one
special automobile.  Created for those select few who can appreciate all
has to offer.

The Audi Coupe GT's full complement of Commemorative Design Series
features include:

*AM/FM cassette radio, electronically tuned

*Color-keyed spoked alloy wheels with White exterior (natural
 metal finish with Graphite exterior.)

*Electronic LCD Instrumentation

*Instrument panel, carpeting and trim in Graphite

*Plush, logo-embroidered, carpet floor mats

*Power door locks

*Rear spoiler in body color

*Red leather upholstery and red leatherette door panel inserts

*Tilt/Removable sunroof

Selected models will be available with one or both of the following 
*Metallic paint
*Rear wiper

The following Audi Coupe GT standard features are also included:
electronic cruise control, air-conditioning, power windows and mirrors,
instrumentation (with trip computer), leather-wrapped steering wheel,
36-month/50,000-mile limited warranty and six-year limited warranty
against corrosion perforation.

A special lease rate has been designed by Audi, and is available through 
participating Audi dealers, to make owning and driving one of these 
Commemorative Design models an extremely attractive proposition.  Be
to ask an Audi sales representative for all the details.

The Art of Engineering


Well, that's it folks!!!  Hope you enjoyed the series on the
Commemorative Design
Audis of 1986.  Hope it answered some of your questions.

I appreciated the kudo notes received from all. Hope my next little
project is as
successful as this one.

Happy Motoring,


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