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Re: Help me join the Phil Payne Bulb-a-Month Club!

In a message dated 97-02-05 16:18:22 EST, you write:

<<  So where can I find a *quality* H4 socket? 
 > you could try your local Volvo dealership ? our 855T has H4 headlights
 > (as i recall).
 No luck -- I went by Rosenthal Volvo today and they told me Volvo is
 now only selling the headlight sockets as part of a complete harness.
 Are the OEM Audi European sockets any good? >>

 Go to you Audi dealer and ask about part#  161-941-165 or
 161-941-165A. They are for conventional tungsten 6014 or H4
 bulbs I believe. I think they'll work in a Type 1 ( bug ) or a '57 Chevy too
 165-941-165 is for the 9004 bulbs.

There is lots of convulsions & multiple supersessions going in electrical
conector world at your local VW/Audi dealer over the last few weeks.
Something to do with a new vendor/ shop conector box... silly stuff 
that has part number confusion spilling out of the CRT's onto the floor.
It's not pretty, but we've got the mops out...

Ask them to match something up from the gray factory connector box if
they have any left. 

Vince Lyons