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Re: quattro-digest V4 #227

>> HA>To
>> HA>be sure, take a look under the hood of one at the dealer in Atlanta and
>> HA>sure the magic word "California" appears on the emissions sticker.
>> Even that's not necessarily true. As I understand it, only certain VINs
>> are registered by the manuf as meeting "XX emissions requirements." Better
>> call DMV with your prospective VIN to check beforehand.
>... actually he was correct.  If there is a sticker under the hood that
>states that the car meets CA emissions standards, then there will be
>no problem registering the car in CA

Actually I think we're all correct.  If a particular vehicle has the sticker
stating that it meats CA emissions standards, that vehicle is OK.  My
suggestion was to check a random car in stock at the dealer in Atlanta to see
if a car ordered for GA would have the same sticker.  If Audi does only put
the sticker on certain VINs, then that wouldn't be a reliable indicator.
My hunch is that all of them are certified for 50 states, but that's only a

Ed Hanway  <hanway@kodak.com>
Eastman Kodak Company, Palo Alto, CA
'96 A4Q (6000mi, NY) with CA emissions sticker; just passed CA Smog Test