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Re: Downshifting for Normal Driving

> coming out of turns, etc.  Otherwise, I take it out of gear (just put the
> clutch in and hold it in) and use the brakes to stop instead of using
> engine braking.  

I would say that if your going to "coast" to a stop pull the car out of
gear rather than leaving your foot on the clutch which is hard on the
release bearing(my clutch release bearing failed before my clutch did)
Why not just leave the car in gear and brake to a stop putting the clutch
in when the engine will begin to "lug".  Besides, when braking hard there
is an advantage with the Q's to leaving it in gear...

My few Shillings,
-Brendan Rudack
'88 90Q custom lightned front end
Fenton, Michigan

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