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RE: SOS! Mysterious problem..

Hi Polly,

Sounds like you are having one of the most common problems on the 5000
and 100 series cars.  What more than likely is causing this is the
voltage regulator.  You can test this theory by disconnecting the 2
wires off of the voltage regulator overnight (make sure the battery has
a full charge), then reconnect them in the morning when you are ready to
start the car.  If the car starts, then that is your problem  You can
buy a genuine BOSCH piece (expensive) or you can buy an Asian made one,
which looks IDENTICAL to the BOSCH and is like $10.  We had the same
problem happen on our ex-5KTQ.  We put in a new battery, and the next
morning is was dead!  Then we put a new one of these regulators in and
that cured it!

A lot of repair places typically will just replace the entire alternator
which really is not necessary and is very expensive.  Anyway, give that
a shot.

Best Regards,

Mark Nelson
Incline Village, Nevada

'91 CQ (building for SCCA pro-rally)

>hi all, 
>I got a '92 AUDI 100 CS Quattro with a very strange
>and unsolvable (??) problem. It could not start, 
>carried to the dealer, put a new battery. Worked for a day, 
>could nor start the next day!!! The dealer looked at it, 
>replaced a window relay, said nothing is wrong. That was
>in New Jersey. Recently relocated to CA, had the car shipped.
>First day, fine... the next day !!! Cannot start again!!
>Carried to dealer, they found nothing wrong, but they 
>washed it... this problem comes and goes, always
>overnight; if the car has started in the morning, there's 
>no problem during the day. However, there are problems starting
>it on some days. Any suggestions, advice welcome, most
>welcome cos 2 dealers in each coast can't solve it!!