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Double Clutching

to double clutch, and i am sure that you racers out there are going to be 
bored wit hthis, or are going to say that i am doing it wrong or 
something, but here goes.  To double clutch, furst you disengage the 
clutch and pull the shifter into neutral, then you re-engage the clutch 
and blip the throttle so that the reves rise and will be matched when you 
put it back in gear.  Then after blipping it, you quickly disengage the 
clutch again and put the shifter in the next highest gear.  If you did it 
quickly enough, and got the revs right, then you will have a very nice 
and smooth downshift.  At first it will not be too quick, but i can do it 
now in about maybe half a second to a second, depending on how hard i am 
trying.  But it is second nature now, so i cant change that.  Bye all.

Mike Williams
85 Coupe GT