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RE: A4 remote locks

Mark Quinn says:
>OK so now we have at LEAST 4 owners of '97 A4's (George
>Economou, Bob Cotton, Sean Reifschneider and myself) who
>are having problems with their remote fobs 'going to sleep'
>occasionally.  Is this a conspiracy (he whispers, his head low
>and his eyes darting from side to side)?

My '97 has done this several times as well.

and George Economou says:
>The system is shutdown after 2-4 weeks to conserve the battery.
>Yes, it is inconvenient, but acceptable to me.  Also, "excessive-EMI"
>shutdown is a safety feature, as I understand it.  It's only fault
>is that it may be too sensitive.

I've had it happen after leaving the car for as little as 10 minutes.  So 
it wasn't a time-related issue.  I don't know if has anything to do with 
the excessive-EMI shutdown.  When I reopen it with the key it always works 
fine again.

Mark Blum