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Re: '91 200Q: Hyd. pump leaking ..

Arun Rao wrote:
>         Looks like the hydraulic pump is leaking. The same thing
>         happened on my '85 5KT a couple of years ago (but with more
>         than 100K on the clock!) and I replaced the pump -- easy
>         job, so I'm not too worried about tackling it again. Looking
>         to save money, is it worth trying to replace the seals? Anyone
>         done it?

Absolutely! I have sucessefuly done it twice. The original ZF kit was
~$15, whereas a cheapest rebuilt pump is ~$180, and you also get to keep
your own trustworthy pump, instead of possibly getting some sorry, worn,
noisy unit on a core exchange basis.
Ahh, one more thing. In the past I've had some horrible experience with
rebuilt parts and, generally, don't trust any hydrolic rebuilts to
anyone but myself.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ