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Re: Unfair Advantage Part 2?

>Many of you know the SoSpeed: Unfair Advantage... but I remember seeing
>> another SoS show on ESPN that features Stuck driving a V8 on the
>> Autobahn. He discusses how US drivers COULD learn to drive at autobahn
>> speeds.
>I saw it ONCE myself well part of it. I would be interested to know if
>there are videos avail. 

I have a copy that Steve (Cobram@aol.com) sent me last year. I'm not sure 
that this is still his address as I havent seen any mail from him in 
quite a while.  Nice bloke but, he organised a copy of the V8 manual for 

Anyway the video would be expensive to copy down here as its NTSC & Oz 
uses PAL.

John Firkins