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Re: SOS! Mysterious problem..

In a message dated 97-02-06 21:56:38 EST, you write:

<< hi all, 
 I got a '92 AUDI 100 CS Quattro with a very strange
 and unsolvable (??) problem. It could not start, 
 carried to the dealer, put a new battery. Worked for a day, 
 could nor start the next day!!! The dealer looked at it, 
 replaced a window relay, said nothing is wrong. That was
 in New Jersey. Recently relocated to CA, had the car shipped.
 First day, fine... the next day !!! Cannot start again!!
 Carried to dealer, they found nothing wrong, but they 
 washed it... this problem comes and goes, always
 overnight; if the car has started in the morning, there's 
 no problem during the day. However, there are problems starting
 it on some days. Any suggestions, advice welcome, most
 welcome cos 2 dealers in each coast can't solve it!!  >>

On any given day, (at either coast) anyone can fix the problem. 
But if it's intermitten...

I had a similar problem... intermitten,  a few years ago in my '83
5k turbo... One of my sons liked to turn on the map light in the
back, sometimes. 

What about glove box light/ trunk light etc... (aka: Is the refrigerator
light going out when the door is closed ?)

Alternator diodes ?

Radiator fan run-on ?

Demonic possesion ?

The ultimate solution to the toughest  intermitten problems is to ask the
Foreman or Sevice Manager to drive it till they get stuck.  Don't ask the
Parts Manager.

Hope I helped,

Vince Lyons