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Clarkson Video

In message <01BC14ED.97F8C940@dialup45.netmania.co.uk> Philip Ross writes:

> What is the Jeremy Clarkson video you referred to on the list that features 
> Dave's car?

"Jeremy Clarkson - Unleashed on Cars".  By VCI.

It doesn't, IMO, live up its hype as "Everything he CAN'T do on TV!".  But it's 
fun, if a bit over the top.  Dave's 20V features for a few seconds only, and 
isn't being driven very well at the time - close to the limit on a very boring 
long corner.  Some bits are amusing - I was quite surprised at the panning he 
gave the Coutach, but I can see his point.  The Nissan Sunny doing 0-90mph in 2 
seconds (courtesy of a trebuchet) and point-blank distruction of a Yugo by a 
shell from a Chieftain tank will give you the flavour.  Don't expect to learn 
anything, and suspend at least some of your critical faculties.

And expect the "supercar showdown" to produce some odd (if repeatable) results. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club