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Re: Downshifting for Normal Driving

Well lets see.  I had a 91, Honda CRX SI before my 97 A4Q 5spd.  I used to
race my CRX in the SCCA Solo I and II classes on weekends.  I had over 50K
miles on my CRX before I sold it and never had a problem with the gear box.
 Note that I drove this car very hard when racing.

How did I do that? 

Double Clutching/heal toeing on down shifts.  I do this now in my A4Q.  It
is very hard to heal toe in the A4.  Although the brake and throttle are
very close together, the brake peddle is much higher then the throttle. 
Anyway, you really don't need to heal toe in regular driving unless you are
afraid you might loose the knack for it.  Or if you just want to beat the
Trans Am into the corner. :-)

But, I am a sole believer in Double Clutching.  I have done it, am doing it
now, and will continue to do it until the tranny drops out of the car.

'97 2.8 A4Q 5spd Pearlescent

> 	I wondered what you all think. I know R&T is liable for their advice, so
> they won't give out advice against a manufacturer's requests, but how
> is this. I downshift about 98% of the time as I roll up to a redlight or
> stopsign. Alot of the time it is to be in the proper gear, but I usually
> let the clutch out to help slow myself. I know this is still a good
> practice in the rain or snow, but what of regular conditions?
> 	Later-G