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Re: Downshifting to Brake

Al Powell wrote:
> ...right foot half on the brake, half on the accelerator and depress 
> both.  Rocking slightly left-to-right fine tunes the pressure on each.  
> Audis also have a very nice relationship of brake and accelerator pedal.

Yes, and No

The height between the brake and accelerator is EXCELLENT for heel and
toeing on each of my 4kqs, and the urq.

It is HORRIBLE on the 20vCQ. The accelerator is there, but the very very 
very long throw means that to get revs, the right side of my right foot
is much closer to the floor, to the dismay of my tendons.

I know its easy to adjust heights on a 911 foot pedal set, and I know
that you can buy a cheap throttle cable cam for the 944T to reduce
pedal travel, anyone done either of these to the 20vCQ??????????