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Re: Fair price on used A4Q?

Danny: (don't you just hate it that a NY/NJ trait seems to be to put a 
"y" at the end of everyone's name.  Was playing golf in Myrtle Bech a 
couple of years ago and ran into some guys from south Jersey/Philly.  
After a couple of hours I became "Billy" again.)

a month or so ago I posted some numbers from a VCI auction of some A4s in 
Chicago.  If I remember correctly abouyt 8 96 A4qs went through the 
action and their aveage price was around $26000 or so.

I've seen a few pop up on the used car market in Chicago--asking price 
seems to average 27 to 28.

Don't know what you could actually get for your.  I would think $25 ought 
to be possible.

Bill(y) Murin