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Brake bleeding

Last weekend I replaced my brake hoses w/ stainless steel
ones and flushed the system using a vacuum bleeder. I used
the ATE super blue as well. After completing the work, and
having to drill out a broken bleeder screw (fun) the pedal
would go to the floor. On a whim, not wanting to take all the
wheels off again, I rebled the master cylinder and the
proportioning valve. Voila, perfect brakes. Now w/ the
stainless lines, system flush, Pagid yellows, and new rotors
all around I feel like the brakes are where they need to be, at
least for a while. Try bleeding the master cylinder again.
Alternatively, you may have damaged the master cyclinder
with the 2 person bleeding method. Check the archives for
thoughts on that.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.