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Need an SCCA tech inspector/exhaust ques

Hey all.
   Instead of replacing my exhaust with a $tock $y$tem, I had a local   
exhaust shop custom fab me a 2.5" pipe from cat back to a supertrapp   
muffler.  The result was a more power, more noise, and a reasonable   
muffler system for a turbo conversion.
   However, three of the New England states seem to think it is too loud.   
 I have received defective equipment warnings sporadically, and a single   
$100 citation from Mass State Police (MSP). I intend to fight this as NH   
doesn't have regulation over vehicles, and the enforcement has been   
sporadic.  Another MSP officer pulled me over, accused me of going 85 in   
a 65, commented on my non-standard equipment, and let me go with the   
remark, watch your speed...  No real comment about the muffler, though   
I'm sure that was the reason he pulled me over.  You just don't get off   
when going 85 in a 65, even though my actual speed (w/CC) was set to 75.

   After talking with various people at the Steamboat event, I was   
pointed to the SCCA.  As their vehicles are street legal by definition, a   
SCCA tech inspector could give me a ruling on my exhaust that should   
stand up in court. To that end, any one who could point me in that   
direction, information would be graciously accepted.


Stott Hare   
Implementation Support                              Voice: (207) 772-5400
Allenbrook, Inc.                                              Fax: (207)