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Re: Rebuild ZF pump

>Have fun with those "X" caps......
There is absolutely no PROBLEM  with X caps done properly,
Here is how you do it:
1. get a flat "screw driver bit" the size of the X, can be obtained from:
craftsman tools, Harbor Freight (very cheap), Snap-On (very spendy) and a
million other places...
2. get a "impact driver" the kind you hammer on (not use air), see above
for tool source 
3. attach the screw driver bit to the impact hammer and pound away make
sure you do it in the correct direction...
4. installation is the reverse procedure

DO NOT USE: Chisels, screwdrivers etc.
There are other methods to do the above (but I will not get into..) the
above procedure is the only CORRECT method.

Do it right and you will have no problem (it is well worth it to invest in
the above tools, you will have more use for them later...)

Avi Meron