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Re: Aggressive Drivers, from the Aggressive Driver's Point ofView

Miles Lott <milos@insync.net> wrote:

>Didn't you know that the "turn signal" is a "hurry up and pass me before
>I change lanes signal?" :)  In my experience, the majority of the time
>that drivers signal on the freeway they encounter lead-foot-don't-cut
>-in-front-of-me behavior. 

	I've seen this happen, but I still think that using your signal is better.
I usually signal as I go. The difference is that I am giving some warning.
If someone speeds up, I doubt they'll cut me off as I don't wait 5 blinks
to make my move.

>  The other
>thing that bugs me on the freeway or on any street in the city limits is
>those driving 15-20MPH over the limit.  As MG stated before, they are
>just asking for trouble.  Even if they are a good, safe driver, they are
>assuming a lot that other drivers and pedestrians will always be willing
>and able to get out of their way.  City intersections, entrance, and exit
>ramps are simply too dangerous given their inherent nature of merging
>and/or cross traffic.

	I disagree if it is done responsibly. I am against the jerk who insists on
tailgating and making a scene in bumper to bumper traffic. BUT, I read in
Car and Driver that most US speed limits are set about 15mph slower than
they need to be. I generally speed 15mph over the limit, unless I feel
impaired from being tired etc (I do not DUI). If I feel aware than it is my
theory that if I am moving faster than traffic than I have that much extra
time to get out of the way of the clueless or to react to their actions.
	Irresponsible you say? Hate to see my driving record you say? I get pulled
over on average once in maybe 3 years, and it is usually a written warning.
As for accidents I am at a big fat zero for 9 years of driving and about
120,000 miles driven since buying my first car at 18 and not counting miles
logged on parental autos. Yes, I would call myself an expert.
	If you drive aware of your surroundings, and a car easily controlled, then
I do not see a problem with driving over the limit. I drive my Jetta VR6
like this, and the Corrado even faster, but in my dad's Olds Station Wagon
I do not drive on the edge as I am not as in control.
	If we all got over the fact that there will always be someone driving
faster than yourself, then we might all do just a little better. When was
the last time you were passed by a FAST car? Were you offended, or did you
try and catch him. I think it is an ego thing. I know I get this way,
especially if it is a Bimmer (and god knows there are enough of those in
	Chilling out is one way to get rid of Aggressive drivers, but I still
think that getting rid of incompetent drivers would be more effective.

My 2...

Miles Lott (http://www.insync.net/~milos)
82 Scirocco
92 Corrado SLC Black in limbo
Broadcast Engineer