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Re: Comments re: A4 1.8t and GSR

On Feb 7,  3:46pm, Mann Law wrote:

> 	You may remember back in the late 80's, when the dollar was
> way
> down against the yen, if you wanted a Japanese car--but could not
> understand the high prices---the dealer blamed the lowly dollar.
>  Now, ... I don't see Hondogs selling for 69% of 1989 prices
> [adjusted for inflation of course].  Bottom-line is:  Automakers
> charge  whatever the market will stand

As will the dealers!  Remember in the mid-80's, when not only
were the adnoH retail prices high, but you were lucky if you
could get one at retail!  For a while, dealers were adding
300-500 markups OVER MSRP.  They called it something catchy,
can't remember what it was...

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q