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Re: Cleaning the K&N

In a message dated 97-02-07 16:37:29 EST, you write:

<< >If an 8 ounce bottle will last forever, how long will a 4 ounce bottle
 >last?, how about a two ounce bottle? one ounce? half ounce?
 4 ounce = forever/2 = usually forever
 2 ounce = forever/4 = almost forever
 1 ounce = forever/8 = nearly forever
 1/2 oz   = forever/16 = close to forever
My math shows that 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16th of infinity, is still infinity....
 So a .5 ounces, by definition should last forever too....  You guys need
help :)
My reference was to the 10 year old bottle of oil in my garage that takes
care of my car and motorcycle K&N's...  Still have a half bottle left.  At
this rate, a 16oz Bottle would last a lifetime, the 8oz at least 10years.....

Mumble mumble....  Hey, these dishes look really clean!!