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re:Aggressive Drivers, from the Aggressive Driver's Point of View

"George S Achorn III" <coolidge@nicom.com> sez:
Subject: Aggressive Drivers, from the Aggressive Driver's Point of View

> 	1. Use Your Turn Signal- I have been cutoff atleast 1000 times in the last
> month by people and 998 times were by someone who just changed lanes
> inadvertantly in front of me without signal. 

I usually look at the driver's side view mirror to see what they're doing.  Most of
the time I can tell that they want to bail out of the lane they are in. It's the
totally unpredictable ones that I'm afraid of.

> 	2. Keep non-passers out of the damn left lane. If you got rid of left lane
> cruisers IMHO you would alleviate alot of problems. 

I agree wholeheartedly.  In an ideal world, law enforcement would be more concerned
about safety than revenue.  They should look for people like the left lane robots.

> 	3. If you are waiting to pull out or change lanes and there is one car
> moving fast that will be cut off by you and no one behind that car, have
> the courtesy to let that one car pass.

This is another big one.  I'm amazed how often people pull this stupid stunt.

> 	My conclusion in all of this is that one day I will get tagged as an
> aggressive driver while Joe Blow drives 55mph in the passing lane, and he
> will have just cut me off without signalling. I figure the reason these
> people do not signal is because they are sick of forgetting their signal is
> on. You know the guy cruising down the road with his signal on and not
> turning or anything.

I think it's more to do with other asshole drivers.  Many drivers upon seeing
that someone wants to change lanes will speed up and close the gap.  

There should be more education and perhaps enforcement of common courtesy driving.