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A6Q wagon

I bought a brand new A6Q wagon thursday night(2-6)and drove home with my
business partner. (She recently bought a 97 Range Rover 4.6HSE equipped
with all the toys.)For $43,000, half the cost of the Range Rover, I was
very happy to have bought my A6Q wagon.(not that I had $80,000 to spend)
I was so impressed with the performance of my wagon, enjoying every
single minutes of my brand new true German engineered SUV.
I went back to the dealer Friday morning to sign a piece of document and
guess what ?
When I started my wagon, it made this quite loud rattling sound and I
tapped on the throttle a bit to give it a little help. Every thing was
fine and then I thought it was just a very minor sound. Well, I could
not even make it to the driveway and the CHECK light came on! My brand
new wagon died... talking about road side assistant program, I had a
team of mechanics under the hood, with the nicest looking tools...I
thought it was a couple of minutes adjustment. I was dead wrong on that
part. Apparently, the bearing of the tensioner seized, caused it to
break the bolt of the block and needless to say they did not have it in
stock, (first year Audi changed the bolt size to a larger one)the high
ranking mechanic thought its best to also check compression to see
ifthere was any internal damages. My brand new wagon, less than 150
miles, less than 18 hours of ownership, meanwhile paying interest...to
top that off, I was offered a Isuzu Trooper or a Jetta as my loaner
option. I just spent $43,000, I would have to take both cars plus some
cash to have the same value, I thought it was poorly handled!!!It turned
out that those car belonged to the salesperson(I'll just name him mot)
My domestic partner's mom bought a 97 Carrera  from Mot just 2 months
ago. He is one of the nicest salesrep in the industry. I negotiated my
way to get an A4 1.8T as my loaner, still half the value of my wagon. I
was promised that my wagon will be ready Tuesday of next week. 
Should I have demaned for another brand new wagon? What would you do if
you were in my situation? I need your professional advise, and I need
advise from your loyal Quattro owners.
Please help!!!