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Re: Diff. locks

J. Smethers wrote:
> Quattro-philes,
> Had our third snow of the year in PA today.  It gave me a good opportunity
> to drive the Q hard in the slick stuff after a recent alignment.  Drove as
> expected, flawlessly.  I can't get over the control and sure-footedness of
> this car.  One problem though, the rear diff. lock light does not come on.
> I notice a much louder hissing sound from the center console when I switch
> on the rear diff. as compared to the center diff.  I suspect a vacuum line.
> What other things may be wrong, and where can I check?
> Thanks for any help on this matter, and also for the volumes of assistance
> that the great people of this forum have supplied in the past.
> Regards, Jeffrey Smethers
> smethers@fast.net
> '84 318i   '86 4KCSQ

   You HAVE a vac leak. Rmove the dash cover in that area and track it

   Marty S.