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Re: Signaling

Robert Myers wrote:
> Am I to understand that whenever one changes lanes on a road that it is
> necessary to signal?
> Certainly some reasonable allowance should me made to permit application of
> some judgement on the part of the driver, don'tcha think?
> How about when you are the only car on the road within a half mile or so?
> C'mon now.

I still do. Always have, always will. Even pulling into my driveway at

It's a matter of a discipline and/or habit. If you do it always, you'll
never forget to do it, nor have you to make an effort to decide whether
you should do it or not. Should one wash his hands after using a
bathroom, even when he is an only person in it at the time, or should he
sneak out without washing them, coz no one is around to see it anyway? 
In the old country we used to be pulled over and fined for not
signalling the maneuvers or hanging in the left lane, while the right
one was empty. Or for crossing the solid line. Some things I haven't
even seen before I started driving in the U.S.: 
Like making a left BEFORE the light actually turns green (on semi-red,
as I jokingly call it), without yeilding to the oncoming traffic. 
Or like stopping a car in the dead centre of the road "for a minute" to
unload a passenger, without having decency and courtesy to make a light
effort with their overassisted steering wheel to pull 1m off to a curb. 
Or driving parallel to each other, completely blocking the highway.
Or READING(!) a magazine, while driving. 
Or applying a make-up. 
Or eating.
Hell, I haven't even seen an automatic car before, which is the evil
reason why, coupled with a total lack of discipline enforcement, most of
the driving habits, listed above, have become possible.

Sometimes I feel that I am the only driver in Philly, who signals before
turning or changing lanes.
And I am definetely the only one who turns the signal on when pulling
off the curb into the traffic.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ