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Re: (Double) Clutching at Straws

>What do you do when: 
>a fire truck with siren blazing approches at high speed?


>What's more important? 
>your clutch throw out bearing? 
>yourself and your car?

Another scenario, from personal experience:

What do you do when you're at a stop sign, you hear a tapping on the
right window, and see a smiling face right next to the pistol aimed at
your head?

I go easy on the clutch, but there are areas now where the car is
_always_ ready to go!

--Dave Weiss
    '86 4000 CS UnQ (sold to a friend who still talks to me)
    '89 200Q (gave its life for mine last year)
    '91 V8 5-spd
    '93 90 CS UnQ (wife's car)