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DeChroming the A4, S4 or RS4 trim idea

	I noticed that the A4 has quite a bit of chrome, specifically around the
side windows, and the grille outline. IMHO it looks good on the luxurious
versions like the 2.8, but I think on an S4 or RS4 or even a tuned 1.8 were
I to own one, this trim would look better if less pronounced.
	IMHO blacking this out is a little to boy racerish fitting on a VW, but
not the higher positioned Audi. I think it ought to be replaced with
brushed aluminum pieces. Imagine this chrome in a satin brushed silver
finish, and not the shiny chrome. If Audi produces the S4 or more
particualarly an RS4 (higher price) this aluminum would look amazing.
Couple it with the A!Avantgarde aluminum dash trim and a Porsche brushed
aluminum shifter/ handbrake handle.