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Re: Engine Cleaning

> I plan on cleaning the engine (200 Quattro) on Monday.  It has become sooooo
> dirty between the the oil leak, the hydrolic leak, and roadsalt.  Does anyone
> have any advice that could help me.  Last time I cleaned the engine, it
> looked great, but I ended up with a few electrical issues. 

As a matter of course in our racing career....we will not work on a
dirty engine.  So, if we have a muddy _yes that's happened_ or oily
engine or undercarraige, we have taken the race car  (on trailer) to the
drive through car wash (effectionately known as the quarter car wash)
and use the engine degreaser first then the high pressure hose....being
careful to not directly hit the high pressure to sensitive areas.  This
works really well and also got a lot of attention for our sponsors who
happened to be in the local area. 

Good luck.  This usually leaves it looking well.