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Will all the Coupe Quattro and 90 Quattro 20V owners please email me, Darin
Nederoff and I are putting together a mailing list of all 20V owners on the
Quattro List.  Ian Duff has given me a list some time ago of these people,
but I imagine there might be a couple more out there since then.

Here's who I have so far---some of you I have your name buy not your Email
addess, so if you see your name below and no address, please emial it to me!

Name	                  Email Address

Abhijit Das                      	(Abhijit Das),
Aidan & Susan McLeer	         (Aidan & Susan McLeer),
Alex Chernushin	          achernushin@digitalglobe.com ('Alex Chernushin'),
Alvin Adelhoch           	    PRIMO_JR@msn.com ('Alvin Adelhoch'),
Alvin Seow	                     aseow@netcom.com ('Alvin Seow'),
Andre Walker	            walker7@ix.netcom.com ('Andre Walker'),
Blane Iffert	                 (Blane Iffert),
Bob D'Amato	             mx@snet.com(Bob D'Amato),
Bruce Herrmann      	CR911@aol.com ('Bruce Herrmann'),
Bryan Bowen	           bowen.47@osu.edu(Bryan Bowen)
Christian J Long	             RELAYER@aol.com ('Christian J Long'),
Christopher Gharibo	         gharic01@mchip00.med.nyu.edu ('Christopher
Darin Nederoff	               savidesn@audvid.win.net (Darin Nederoff)
Dave Alcott	                   dalcott@sndnet.com (Dave Alcott),
David Kelley	              kelley@lclark.edu ('David Kelley'),
david.m.gottlieb	               david.m.gottlieb@ac.com (david.m.gottlieb),
Dorab	                           Nivi@aol.com ('Dorab'),
Eric Renneisen              	renneie@hlthsrc.com ('Eric Renneisen'),
George Durden	                 durden@bga.com ('George Durden'),
Graham McGowan	             Escoses@earthlink.net (Graham McGowan),
Hans-Juergen Schneider	             hschnei@ibm.net ('Hans-Juergen
Harvey	                              BASSTREB@aol.com ('Harvey'),
Ian Cooke	                       (Ian Cooke),
Ian Duff	                          IDuff@CHARTER.com(Ian Duff),
J.P. Mahala                   	JPMahala@aol.com ('J.P. Mahala'),
Jack & Linda Grouell	      grouells@gte.net(Jack & Linda Grouell),
Jason Rhee	                     JRheeman@aol.com ('Jason Rhee'),
Jef Johnstone	             jefj@lightspd.wa.com ('Jef Johnstone'),
Jim Dix	                     BFrivet@aol.com(Jim Dix),
John Allred	              jallred@rtimeinc.com ('John Allred'),
John Ball	                   jball@rme1.reissmedia.com ('John Ball'),
Kennon Hines	        KWHines@aol.com ('Kennon Hines'),
Mark Nelson	         mnelson@brls.com(Mark Nelson),
Matt Niaura	             porboy44@ix.netcom.com (Matt Niaura),
Matt West	               audi@tdraft.demon.co.uk ('Matt West'),
Michael J. Shooks	    (Michael J. Shooks),
Michael Stricker	   stricker@ll.mit.edu ('Michael Stricker'),
PAUL	                   spec-dist@hudson.net(PAUL),
Peter Schulz	      schulz@tif623.ed.ray.com ('Peter Schulz'),
Raphael	           riff77@usa.pipeline.com ('Raphael'),
Ray Calvo	                 porsray@aol.com ('Ray Calvo'),
Robert S. Cohen	   rsco@lubrizol.com ('Robert S. Cohen'),
Takayuki Hayashi	   hayasht@ecf.toronto.edu ('Takayuki Hayashi'),
tasos                       	tasos@avs.com ('tasos'),
Tim Reilley	             treilley_at_BANKMARK@conseco.com ('Tim Reilley'),
Todd Paciorek         	ir000185@pop3.interramp.com(Todd Paciorek)

Thanks for all your help putting this together, we are doing this also to
help save Qlist bandwidth in the future.

                    /\        _I             Christian J. Long
                  /    \ I_I I_I I           Orlando, Florida, USA
1990 Coupe Quattro    Red/Black, K&N cone, BBS wheels, 80K          
1990 90                     Gold/Tan, 70K
Past Audis:  '80 5KT  '84 CGT  '85 CGT  '87 CGT2.3  '875KCST(was Dad's)