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Sad news

>Darin Nederhoff wrote:  (WAIT, NO I DIDN'T!)
>> >Also, on a sad note, my wife and I just lost our newborn
>> >baby this morning...she apparantly died sometime within
>> >the last 24 hours before what we thought was going to be
>> >a normal delivery.  My wife's due date was the 15th of Feb.
>> >She become wrapped up tightly in the cord and lost life support.
>> >My wife bravely deliverd her deceased...we named her Natalie...

Hi gang, just to clear things up, the misfortune described above
happened to our 'brother' Mr. Steven Pitts, no to myself.  (I'm
not even married yet folks)  ;)

Steve, we all feel your loss and are here to back ya up if need
anything.  :)