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RE: Passing/Lane Hogs

What's the point in making passing on the right illegal if you can't
teach people to stay to the right?

Scenario: Somebody is going 15mph less than the limit on a clear sunny
day in the leftmost lane of a 4-lane highway. Are you going to pass on
the right? Should everybody else just sit there at the same speed and

If there's room to pass safely on the right, the person in the left lane
is doing something illegal. (In WA, the law is to stay right except to
- peter

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>> >       2. Keep non-passers out of the damn left lane. If you got 
>> > rid of left lane cruisers IMHO you would alleviate alot of problems. 
>> I agree wholeheartedly.  In an ideal world, law enforcement would 
>> be more concerned  about safety than revenue.  They should look 
>> for people like the left lane robots.
>or lobby your state government to make passing on the inside legal ?
>it is legal in california and, once you get used to it, it's safe enough
>if exercised with care and relieves "tension".