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For Sale - Full Format Microfiche Reader

For those of you interested I'm doing some more housecleaning after the UrQ
left and now its time to sell the fiche reader.

The microfiche reader is a VW MPF-System 2400.  This unit will take the large
sized fiche (7" by 9.5").   Reader originally came from a VW dealer.  Its in
used but very good condition.  Due to its size (22"H x 16"W x 22"D) plus
since it has glass and mirrors inside  I'm not going to ship it.
 Consequently, its available only for pick up at my home in Glen Ellyn,
Illinois - about 25 miles west of downtown Chicago.  My price is $125.  

The buyer will also get all my unneeded fiches which include - 
1980-83 Audi Repair Manual 4000/Coupe - 6 fiches
1980-84 Audi 4000 Wiring Diagrams - 1 fiche
1984-1988 Audi 5000 Repair Manual 10 fiches
1986 Audi 5000 Wiring Diagrams - 1 fiche
1985-1989 Audi Technical Bulletins 3 fiches

For those of you that still buy the Bentley manuals you should know you can
buy the manuals on fiche and generally they are available earlier on fiche
(have no idea why) and the price is considerably more reasonable.  I think I
paid only $35 for the repair manual for the 89-91 Audi 100/200 with wiring
diagrams for all three years.  I don't have the phone number for the fiche
service but their mailing address is:
Audi Product Service Publication
c/o Dyment Distribution Services
P.O. Box 360740
Strongsville, Ohio  44136-9919

If your interested in the fiche reader please let me know.