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Turbo 4000

Hey Gang:
Picked up the '87 4Q last week from the 2 Bennett shop in Davis, CA; it now
wears a 220 hp 10V Turbo from an '86 5TQ with Superchip ECU upgrade, etc.  In
a word . . .  YAHOO - now I know why all you guys are so addicted to boost!

But, already having a fuel delivery problem, although I think the buzzing
fuel pump was the first sign of distress.  Now the car will stall at idle and
won't restart for at least a minute or so.  Also won't get above 5 lbs of
boost - feels like it's just not getting fuel.

So, it this a faulty fuel pump, or something else?  If a fuel pump, are these
things relatively easy to replace?

Duane Hale
San Diego, CA
Turbo '87 4Q, 17" BBS, Adjustable spring perches, etc.