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Re: vt mechanics

Mike, If you haven't been informed yet, Larry's shop is located on 
industrial ave. out in Wiliston.  Directions: Head down Wiliston road 
from So. Burlington, travel until you get to a large intersection.  
Around the intersection there will be a bank on your right, Parkway diner 
on Left along with a rental car service a gas station. Continue straight 
through intersection follow Wiliston road making sure you see Eurotech 
on left (don't even think about stopping there!!!), PJ's SAAB dealer on 
right, then you'll go down a hill right by Earth Cars on your right,  
after that the road splits, take the left which is industrial Ave. Drive 
by Johnson Filiments on the right look for Larry's on the left!! Good Luck
 Sean Houghton
'87 4kq

On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Mike DePolo wrote:

> On Thu, 30 Jan 1997, Louis A. Mulieri wrote:
> > I want to include my endorsement of Larry Reed in Williston VT.  He's an 
> > excellent mechanic and really thinks about problems rather than just 
> > putting in a new tranny to see if the problem will go waway.
> > 	When I was looking for my Quattro I also used Buffum and Company 
> > in Colchester for pre-buy inspections.  Both John Buffum and John 
> > Beauvois there know Audis well, having raced and rallyed and gave me 
> > great service.
> > Berthann Mulieri, Ph.D, M.A.
> > 1988 5000cstq; 124k and counting.-> 
> 	 I was wondering if you could tell me the location of Larry and John's 
> shops. I now attend school at Johnson State and have not been able to 
> find a mechanic here. I was very dissappointed with Louis Motors in 
> Shelburne. I now have a slight problem with my car and would definitly 
> like to try them out. If you could help me I'd really appreciate it.
> Mike DePolo
> '89 200tq